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Prague Guide: This page was last edited on 15 February , at The ladies are usually standing halfway out of their door posing in their sexiest outfit or they are lying on the bed usually on their stomach trying to show off their ass tempting you to come in. We are certain that legalizing prostitution within the Czech Republic will not curb abuses such as child prostitution and enslaving sex trafficking. Dressed in a leather duster that sweeps theatrically around every corner, he wears a jumble of pendants and trinkets around his neck and his eyes are caked in thick eyeliner.

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I was in line shouting my order at a kid when I smelled them come in. But here, a gaggle of raccoon-eyed whores clip-clopped up to the counter and made heads turn. The stench of cum, sweat, piss and the back rooms of all the strip joints I ever sweet-talked my way into came with them.

Still, I wanted a brothel…. I had my Happy Meal then across from a table of whores on break and avoided eye contact because the Prague foot-prosty is an aggressive sort. Physical force is sometimes necessary to bat them away. I was passed a flier earlier in the day when I went to get change at the American Express office, right across the street from the memorial the Czechs set up every Easter commemorating the spring invasion of the communists.

Some dude had set himself on fire on that spot in protest almost forty years ago. I stand there now as I gaze up the street and see a blue, neon sign. A ten-dollar cover awaits you at the end of a long walkway. Intimidating doormen guard every entrance, side room, and closet, and are not the least bit hospitable. You pay your cover to a grandmotherly-type at coat check and led downstairs.

Every size, shape, and color. The best the Bloc can offer. Forget the rumor that Eastern European girls are a collection of mustaches and steroids. Fuck that notion indeed. Hot Czech women are right up there with the Parisian dames. You find a long bar to the left, gaudily lit like a Reno lounge in the wee small hours of the morning. I bypass this and head toward the back of the showroom, with sofas in the dark.

For there you have the fat chicks, the midgets, and the amputees, but you also have the middle-of-the-road girls. Little make-up. Nice dress but not too revealing. Have few rules, seem to enjoy being touched, and might even kiss and cuddle because they actually dig you. Maybe a hundred boys gawk at the lipstick lesbian act, and all shift uneasily as the fuck-show goes on next.

He fucks a blonde gymnast.

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She bends and contorts, shifting on cue to the techno blasting over a fantastic sound system. The lads and I were sticking with the cheap local Pilsner Urquell. They give you this card, and each time you order, the bartender stamps the price on it. Nobody else there accepts cash.

White dress. Slender but meat on the bones. Classy heels, not those clownish platforms the other whores wear. Long hair, relaxed, not teased. A trace of make-up. Alluring smile. And, interestingly, a tan despite the lack of sun in the Czech Republic. That, I think was one of the last things the Russians took before they put the cat out and turned off the lights.

Rust-coffee-hair highlighted a gentle face. Medium breasts. Nothing manufactured. Killer legs too. Never was a legman; was always into ass, snatch, face, tummy, and tits, everything but…and feet. I notice feet a great deal. We hit each other with the eye contact-coy, sensual-and I approached.

At least in theory…. The stage was changing for the next act, the boys were clamoring for more drinks, the place was pumping at 4am. The place is sectioned off in a very nice way. It has two wings with the main lobby in the middle where customers can grab a drink, use their free WiFi, or even gamble on their slot machines.

If only they had blackjack I would have been in total whore heaven. The wings are long hallways that hook back to the main lobby which brings you in full circle, meaning you do not see the same girl twice if you walk straight through until you are back to the lobby since it hooks around. The ladies are usually standing halfway out of their door posing in their sexiest outfit or they are lying on the bed usually on their stomach trying to show off their ass tempting you to come in.

Prices are shown somewhere on the wall inside the room. If you cum before the 30 minutes is up, the session is over so the girls try their best to get you off as quickly as possible. Management at the Show Park is very serious about honest dealing.

If you feel any girl is trying to screw you, they make it known to come forward about it. The girls are very honest and straightforward and they expect the customers to be also. The ladies at the Show Park are extremely attractive and they come from all over Europe.

There is a wide range of woman to select so no matter what your taste is, they have it. Follow drinkfuckpoop. Sex Stories. Czech Republic.

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And my own spiritual led conscience. Nobody else there accepts cash. But I have my morals. More VICE.

Prague, Czech Republic – Show Park Market and Prostitutes:

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  2. Most of the country's prostitution centers in the Northern Bohemia and Western Bohemia regions and in the capital city.
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  4. Relaxing with a beer in the plush Cafe Louvre, Prague's premier brothel in communist times and the final stop on our tour, Karim told us a story about Sasha and the pool hall attached to the cafe.
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  8. Classy heels, not those clownish platforms the other whores wear.

As we walk down Wenceslas Square we pass half a dozen girls, soliciting without a smidge of subtlety. Addo National Park is different, finds James

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