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Show my Quote See price on the next page. With him was the Franciscan Father Pedro Font whose minutely detailed diary gives a clear picture of the daily life within the religious settlement. As a consequence, Mission San Antonio today is largely a reconstruction rather than a preserved ruin. Important Scouting Links. Please include the store name and area you are referring to in the message.

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San Antonio has a rich military history with many bases nearby. They joined together to form Join Base San Antonio. The culture in River City is quite eclectic. From lots of art and history to a vibrant nightlife, there is something for everyone. There are many local events that happen each year. Be sure and check out the Fiesta, a day celebration honoring the heroes of the Battle of the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto.

For fun during the night or day, visit the River Walk. This area has nightlife, family attractions, entertainment, museums, and restaurants. It winds and loops under bridges along the water. If you are seeking a degree after moving, there are 31 higher education institutions in San Antonio.

San Antonio is full of history! You should visit the Alamo for your first stop. It is the flagship historical site of San Antonio. Take a left on Mission Creek Road. You will travel through the Fort Hunter Liggett military base entrace gate. San Buenaventura was meant to be the third mission, but conditions were deemed not right for its founding, and Fr. Early in July, , a little party of Spanish missionaries, headed by three Franciscan padres, walked into a beautiful, oak-mantled valley near the coastal region of central California.

Here they pitched their camp and, as was their custom, began to prepare for the devotional services to be performed before the day was done. A large bronze bell was lifted from its place upon a mule-pack and secured to a lower branch of one of the nearby trees. The Franciscan fathers were more than usually carefully in their preparations, for this was no mere overnight camp site.

This was to be the site of a new mission named in honor of Saint Anthony of Padua. As they waited for the approach of the vesper hour, the new arrivals seemed to fall beneath the spell of their surroundings. For a while no one spoke. Then, suddenly, the oldest padre leaped to his feet and ran forward to the bell.

With all his energy, he rung the heavy clapper to and fro. The woodland silence shattered into a thousand clashing echoes, but the old man rang on even louder.

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In a strong, clear voice that matched the fervor of the bell, he called to the empty wilderness about him: Come, come to the holy Church! Come to receive the faith of Jesus Christ. Finally, the youngest, Father Miguel Pieras, grew alarmed for the well-being of his superior and said, "Why, Father, do you tire yourself?

There is not a single gentile in the whole vicinity. It is useless to ring the bell. Serra turned to him and said, "Father, let me give vent to my heart which desires that this bell might be heard around the world. Serra was happy to learn that his impassioned supplication had reached the ears of at least one Indian "gentile" on that July day, although his message did not go around the world just then.

In , even Fr. Serra would hardly have expected such a miracle. A lone Indian witnessed Serra's actions, prompting the observation, "We see what has not been observed in any other mission. At the first Holy Mass a pagan is present. Mission San Antonio de Padua was the third mission founded in the 21 mission chain in Alta California.

The original founding site lay one and one half miles south of the present church. The original location had to be abandoned in due to drought, and the new site was chosen on the east bank of year-round Mission Creek. Upon Father Palou's visit to the new site in the same year, he reported that a new church of adobe with a mortar roof, along with a dwelling for the father, and workrooms of the same material had been built to replace the abandoned buildings.

The Salinan Indian neophytes had constructed houses of wood and mud for the soldiers and guard, and a large neophyte village of tules and poles as well. In the same report he noted that Indians had been baptized, and that irrigation ditches had been cut from the creek to the cultivated wheat fields.

The name of the mission means, Saint Anthony of Padua of the Oaks. It is named for St. Anthony, who was laid to rest in Padua, Italy, when he died. In , there were Indians, 68 cattle and 7 horses at the mission. The building of the church did not actually begin until By there were 1, Indians living at the mission and in , the mission had 7, cattle, 11, sheep, mares and colts and horses.

The story of the Indians at this mission begins on the day of Father Serra's first mass. Afterwards Father Serra offered him gifts. He treated the Indian so kindly that he brought members of his tribe to meet Father Serra. These friendly Indians were always helpful and loyal through all the years that San Antonio was a working mission. In , there were Indians living at the mission.

By , the total was 1, In after the secularization laws went into effect, the total number of Indians at the mission was only When Serra returned to the mission in , he found that its inhabitants had nearly starved. They had survived only with the help of the Salinan Indians, who helped them and shared with them.

The mission moved further north in the valley, in search of a better water supply. A small church and some homes were built, but construction on a larger church did not begin until Mission San Antonio became known for its wheat and its breeding stock of horses.

Buenaventura Sitjar is credited with much of this mission's success. He helped implement irrigation, and was an excellent engineer, building a dam on the San Antonio River three miles from the mission , along with aqueducts and a gristmill. He served this mission for 37 years.

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  1. San Buenaventura was meant to be the third mission, but conditions were deemed not right for its founding, and Fr.
  2. This allows students to become totally immersed in the background.
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  4. The archaeological materials are mainly undisturbed.
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  8. The very remoteness of what was redone at San Antonio by the Franciscans presents problems for visitors of today.

We are young and fun. During the year , the church was roofed with mortar and tiles and a street lined with adobe dwellings for the Indians was completed.

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